A small diary of Cookie Blocker app


Version 2.6


  • Fix performance issues during startup and loading websites settings.
  • Accessiblity improvements for Voice over
  • New setting to customize when cookies are deleted ( defaults to 3 seconds after visiting a siter)

Version 2.5

Build to support iOS 15.5 and MacOS 12.4

Version 2.4

Whitelisting supports * annotation.

Version 2.3

Crash fix: Fix a crash when multiple devices are trying to sync

Version 2.2

Bug fix: Supports clearing out session storage

Version 2.1

Thank you for support.

This version comes with the following fixes:

  1. Fixes on missing http cookies.
  2. Http only rules list is now a remote url configuration.
  3. On Mac, you can right click to delete items ( swipe is supported too )

Version 2.0

Finally - we are available for MacOS

Version 1.4

Thank you for support. This version comes with a bug fix on cookie deletion.

Special handling on stubborn and sticky cookies

Version 1.3

Thank you for support. This version comes with a couple of customer feedbacks.🎉

Ignore subdomains settings

When enabled, all cookies under * will be deleted.

Delete domains

You can now delete domains by swiping left.

Version 1.2

Thank you for support.

What’s New

This version comes with a new mode.

🎉 Block all cookies mode. When enabled, all cookies will be clear from website ( unless they are in the exluded list ).

Give it a try - Block All Cookies mode can be found in the settings screen.

Version 1.1

When changing App tint color, the color is not restored on the next app load.

What’s New

Bug Fixes

  • Restore app tint color based on settings.

Version 1.0

This is the first release. Cookie Blocker runs as a Safari extension that allows you to block certain sites from installing cookies. Safari has its own cookie blocking settings, but applies globally. Users are not able to manage which sites which should allow cookies.

I build cookie blocker to overcome this limitation.

What’s New

  • Deletes cookies when ever you visit the site
  • Limitation: can not delete HTTPOnly cookies

Bug Fixes

  • No bugs yet but I am sure they will come ..